Where to Watch the March Madness in Pennsylvania

March Madness is the name of a college basketball tournament run by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). There are a number of rounds in which 68 teams compete for the national championship. 

The name goes back to an essay written in 1939 by Henry Porter. He was the assistant executive secretary of the Illinois High School Association. The essay about the state tournament was entitled “March Madness”, and the name stuck. Today, March Madness provides a great spectacle of sports and plenty of entertainment. Having so many teams and matchups means plenty of drama. 

Watching the action from a casino

Watching the games at a casino & sportsbook has several benefits. You can see sports events on a large screen, cheer with other fans, and enjoy bet giveaways, drink specials, delicious snacks, and more.

At Parx Casino at Bensalem, you can watch the action on the country’s first 155-foot TV screen that can show up to 36 games simultaneously. The business also offers different options of restaurants and sports bars with televisions.

If you visit Parx this year during the March Madness, you will have the chance to meet a college star and former NBA All-Star. Jameer Nelson will make an appearance on March 17 from 2 to 4 pm. Nelson was St. Joseph’s all-time leading scorer in men’s basketball. During his time with the Hawks, the team reached the NCAA championships three times.

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How are the teams chosen?

Of the 68 teams, 32 are “automatic bids.” This means they won their conference’s tournament so they were automatically chosen. The other 36 teams are chosen by the NCAA selection committee.

The different rounds

Watching the March Madness games is one of the favorite things to do in Pennsylvania. On March 16, the first round begins with games from midday to midnight. In the first round, the first team in each region plays the region’s No.16 team. The next-highest team plays the next-lowest, etc.

In the second round, the remaining 32 teams play in 16 brackets and the winner of each bracket moves on to the next round while the losers are eliminated. 

The third round is known as the Sweet Sixteen because only 16 teams are left. The eight winners from the third round go head-to-head in the fourth round, the Elite Eight. The Final Four takes place on April 1st, and the National Championship on April 3rd. 

Betting on the games

It is fun to play casino games in Pennsylvania, and visitors will travel there to do so. Betting on sports is increasingly popular, which is why there are various sportsbooks in the state. Making bets on the March Madness games can be very exciting. There are often upsets in the first round which add to the drama.