Types of slots that you can play

Playing online casino games in gclub provides relief to the mind. It is a form of entertainment which has a lot of customers. Slots is a game where you place bets and pull down the lever to check your luck. If the pay line shows the correct sequence as you predicted, you can win rewards. However, the modern game of slots has gone beyond this. They now look to involve players from different places to compete for a much higher jackpot than the static slots. These are the progressive slots.  Here, we have describes static and progressive slots and the difference between them.

Static slots

Static slots are the traditional way of playing slots. The rewards are fixed for certain amounts. Here, the number of players doesn’t matter as it is played one player at a time and not against any opponent players. Here, the house is your opponent. Static slots rarely offer any large jackpot but the frequency of winning can be high. Although the prize pool is less, you can have a chance at winning them. Also, static slots can be played by any player who can afford the best. The static slots have been long in existence but have soon started to blur out because of the newer variation of slots, which includes the progressive slots. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the more modern variation of static slots. Here there is no fixed amount. The jackpot is decided by the number of players willing to participate and make the maximum bet. This slot is played over a network of connected slots so that players from different places can play the game. From the jackpot amount, some percentage of the money goes to the house and the remaining money goes to the winner of the jackpot. 

Players are eligible to play this game when they place a higher bet. It is very popular and a large number of players participate in progressive slots. This reduces the probability of winning since there it is a game of high risk. Progressive slots are not as common as static slots and happen once in a very long time. This makes people even more excited about it.


Slots are the heart of many online casinos such as gclub. The progressive slots happen once in a while and if you feel that you have the luck to win it, you should give it a shot.