Interesting facts about Roulette

Roulette is one of the most exquisite games played in casinos. It is interesting as well as fun to play. The whole casino experience can never be completed without roulette.

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Fact 1: Roulette wheels get maintenance

Did you know that every roulette wheel is checked for level at least once per day to detect any bias or tilt? If the roulette wheel is out of level, the table will not open until technicians have adjusted the wheel. When two players recognize a bias wheel they maximize their profits by capitalizing on the bias. When the casino recognizes that this is happening they will shut that wheel down and check it for level.

Fact 2: Your dealer is a hater

Some roulette dealers are haters and secretly love to see people lose especially when they are not being tipped. Some proficient dealers can release the ball to land in a selected area. If you have identified a dealer doing this or suspect that it is happening, you might want to end the session and leave the table.

Fact 3: The ball switch

Did you know that there are two different sized roulette balls that are commonly used by casinos? A three-quarter inch ball and seven-eighths inch ball. If a player is winning large or winning too much or a certain area of the wheel is being favored the pit boss or supervisor will discreetly tell the dealer to change balls. An astute player might decide to discontinue the session and re-evaluate play when the ball is changed.

Fact 4: You’re being watched

Every roulette spin is monitored and computer generated reports are given to the top brass daily. Of course a casino will never tell you that there is a sweet spot on every wheel but they do rotate wheels from table to table to confuse you. Stew players recognize minor differences in roulette wheels.

Fact 5: Position is everything          

Your position at the roulette table can help you win. The most favored position is directly across from the dealer, dead center with the second column. You should attempt to capture that position.

Fact 6: Plan ahead

You should purchase enough chips in advance so that you are ready to place your roulette bets as soon as the dolly is removed. The dolly is the tall cylinder that is placed on the winning number corresponding with the numbers that land in the numbered slot on the wheel.

Fact 7: Roulette – one of the most popular games of France

This game was invented in France. You won’t see many slot machines in a French casino. Indeed they do play slots there. But roulette is the most popular game in most French casinos and also finds plenty of card games, especially blackjack and baccarat.