Get A 260 Baht For Free: Create An Account Now!

Creating an account means a generous welcome bonus is waiting for you. Now is the right time to hit the lucrative jackpots coated in your favorite casino game or sports game. By creating an account and using the login, you are getting 260 baht for free.

How to get the welcome bonus?

Getting the welcome bonus is free. So, never fall into the gimmick to place a deposit amount before you can get the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are meant for created accounts. Therefore, there is no condition upon getting this generous welcome bonus.

Once you encounter trouble like asking for a registration fee – don’t fall into this trap. You are not in a legit casino now. Getting the welcome bonus is easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official w88 website and click the signup button.
  2. Fill up the registration form, and provided your details, such as name, password, birth date email address, and age.
  3. Submit and wait for the confirmation link.
  4. Go to your inbox and click the confirmation link provided by the casino.
  5. After opening the confirmation link, your account is ready now.

Open the account and claim the welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus is to be given to the newcomers. If you are an existing player in the casino, you have received the welcome bonus once, it was at your first land in the casino. After that, you are receiving more bonuses. A welcome bonus is just a small amount compared to the other bonuses to be won at the casino.

Sooner or later, you will understand more bonuses and find out more prizes from the casino. The real purpose of the welcome bonus is to be used on your first bets in the casino. If you are lucky enough, then you can triple or even multiple the 260 baht by winning casino games and sports games.

Did you know that many lucky players have had a life-changing experience without spending any single cent from their pocket? They just started playing in the casino using the welcome bonus and have made it multiplied by setting a budget to bet with the day.


No deposit required

Yes, there is a chance of your account to double the 260 baht by playing games and betting the right bet amount without mixing emotions on it. Don’t let yourself feel the urge to bet more if you have multiple losses. You still have the next day to punt. Always get reminded that depositing money in your account is not by force.

Still, you can play and bet without being forced to deposit your money. It is what they call the set a budget tactic. With the idea of setting a budget, you are far from the possibility of being a big loser.

The world of online punting is wide, you can always have it the next day. So, why would you chase your luck within the day if you have consecutive losses? Sit back and relax – you still have a long day!