Explaining Few Common Slot Slangs to Enjoy the Game

Slot machine language is quite different from other gambling games terms. Hence, a new player and even seasonal slot players find some terms doubtful to clearly understand. Some novice players feel discouraged and shy away from playing slot games just because they don’t understand some particular slot slangs.

There are many popular online casinos ready to help their members to understand the slot games terms. Betufa is one such online casino having customer supportive team to motivate their members to enjoy slot games by solving their confusion about slot terms.

Here are some:

  • 3D video slots- This kind of slot game has animation that makes the game more attractive and enjoyable to play often.
  • 3 or 5 Reel – It means that there may be three or five reels added along with three or more rows of symbols.
  • Action – It means the total points won in the whole session time period by a slot player.
  • All ways – there are innumerable pay lines in slot machine running from both the sides.
  • Annuity winner – It is meant for jackpot winners. The winning amount can be deposited in their accounts in instalments.
  • Auto spin- This feature of slot machine helps to preset the numbers of spin in slot machine.
  • Bet Max and Bet Min – The terms state maximum and minimum numbers of credit a player can bet in one spin.
  • Bet One- you can bet only one unit or have one credit in single spin.
  • Big Hit – It means winning jackpot prize.
  • Buy a Pay – It means that you get awarded when the winning is big. You place a wager that equals the jackpot prize.

There are many more slot terms that are newly introduced in online casino games regularly. Hence, to play without stress join Ufakick where you can clear your doubts within seconds of placing the query in the chat page or by asking customer support team. Enjoy slot online casino games with ease by understanding the slot terms.